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Our services

Painting and wallpapering of various interior surfaces are our specialty.


We paint wall and ceiling surfaces regardless of material. Careful work is of paramount importance to us so you could lay back and leave us the job to do.


We carry out comprehensive kitchen renovations or minor renovations.


We are happy to support the design work, but we warmly recommend working with the kitchen furniture suppliers. Furniture suppliers often know best what kind of choices from their range is worth designing and implementing.


Once you have agreed on everything with the kitchen supplier, we will step into the process and make the plan come true.


Renovation Services

With the help of our services, the living comfort of your home will increase, and the use of the premises will be maximized.


We want to be involved in helping you optimize the coziness of your home so that it becomes the ideal place to spend quality time with loved ones. If you need to look for a new home for one reason or another, a small renovation will, of course, also promote the resale ability and value of your home. Investing in your home is always a valuable investment. 

Floor Installation

We install different flooring materials, be it parquet, laminate, or vinyl flooring. 


We install floor moldings according to customers' needs and requests.

Porch and Terrace Construction

We provide renovations and new construction of porches and terraces.


We cater our services to suit your budjet, and with a small renovation you could increase the resale value of your home.

Home Cleaning

We will clean your home at the agreed time. Cleaning visits are scheduled according to the client's schedule, even when they are away or at home.


The time required for regular cleaning varies depending on the area to be cleaned and other things related to cleaning. It usually takes about 2 to 4 hours. If your apartment is large or you want, for example, carpets tamping or work where furniture has to be moved, we can do the work with two cleaners. This, of course, almost halves the time required for cleaning.


Sauna on olennainen osa terveellistä elämäntapaa, joka liittyy sekä ruumiin ja sielun rentoutumiseen, että myös mahdollisuuteen parantaa terveyttäsi.


Sauna parantaa vastustuskykyä ja kattavan luettelon sairauksista karaisemalla kehoa. Lisäksi saunalla on rauhoittava vaikutus hermostoon, se lievittää jännitteitä, stressiä ja väsymystä.

Joskus sauna on remontoitava. Yrityksemme on tehnyt nimenomaan tätä työtä jo 10 vuotta. Tarjoamme kohtuuhintaista saunaremonttia korkealaatuisista ja ympäristöystävällisistä materiaaleista. Asiantuntijamme tulevat luoksesi ilmaiseksi, vastaavat kysymyksiisi ja tarjoavat edullisen ratkaisun.

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